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Trails and Trilliums 2020 - A La Carte


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Waiver Statement:

Should I choose to participate in any of the Trails and Trilliums-related activities at the Dubose Conference Center, in South Cumberland State Park, or at other locations, including transit to and from hike areas, and the hikes themselves (hereafter, collectively, "this event"), I hereby understand and agree to hold harmless and indemnify the Friends of South Cumberland State Park, Inc. (hereafter "the Friends"), their agents and assigns from any liability which may result from my injuring myself or being injured while participating in this event. I further understand that photography and/or video may be recorded at this event by the Friends for their use in documenting this event and promoting this event in the future, and therefore I agree that the Friends of South Cumberland State Park, Inc. may use my likeness, or the likenesses of any members of my party for such purposes, without other limitations, and without compensation for such use.  I understand that, by registering myself or any members of my party for this event, I am extending my understanding and agreement to the foregoing to each member of my party, whether or not such members are specifically named in my registration, and whether or not each member is specifically aware that I have made this agreement as a condition of registration for any portion of this event.

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